YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing – Your Crazy Not Too!

h1>YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

If you are marketing anything on the internet today and you are not using YouTube video marketing you are missing out on one of the largest FREE sources of traffic out there.

Let me explain….

In this video I will talk about :

~The benefits of YouTube video Marketing
~ Video ideas and content people love
~ 4 Pillars of Success
~ Video Marketing strategy
~ What to focus on with your video marketing

Video Marketing – You Are Leaving $$$ On The Table, If You Are Not using Video Marketing

When we say YouTube video marketing, this also applies to other video sharing sites like Vimeo, Viddler, Dailymotion, etc., so you don’t have to stick to one site. We prefer Youtube because it is the most popular, we will be branching out into Vimeo soon.

There are a number of reason that YouTube is so popular for network marketing, internet marketing, and really promoting any business model online.

– When you treat Youtube as a social site like Facebook, then it is a great place for building relationships and finding high quality customers.

– Videos also convert better then text, therefore it is easier to rank videos then it is a blog or a website.

One of the best things I like about video is that you do the work once and it can provide with leads and very targeted traffic for years to come, just like a blog. If you are looking at leveraging your time, this is exactly what you need to do.

With video people get to see your face and hear your voice so it is easier to build rapport with them, this way you can brand yourself as an authority in your niche, people buy from people who they like and trust, right.

YouTube Video Marketing

Stand Out In The Crowd

Youtube Video Marketing Tips

Creating content that people love will keep them coming back for more, videos that are motivational and inspirational are very popular.

Create marketing videos that solve problems and concerns people in your niche have, you can survey your audience and get them to comment and leave feedback on topics that they would like to see videos about.

Doing reviews on products or companies that you are or have been in involved with is a great way to attract people and give value. (be honest)

Creating How To videos on YouTube and placing them in your blog, like we have here, will be something that will last for years to come and will help answer questions that people may have about a topic.

If you have read our blog on Reverse Engineering and Modelling you can use those same principles for video marketing. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.
Reverse Engineering Success <—

What Not To Do With YouTube Video Marketing
One thing that we see too often is people putting down another company to make theirs look better, not only does this turn people off but it makes you look desperate. We live in an abundant world where there is more then enough to go around, so focus on providing value to people, not attracting negative energy to yourself.

Now that being said, if you are doing a product review and you did not have a good experience with that product then being honest about that is good. It is different then just saying that this product sucks, mine is the best, buy mine, instead help people make informed decisions.


Foundation For Success With Youtube Video Marketing

Content – like we just talk about above, create content people love.

Optimization – make sure your videos are setup properly with keyword research, descriptions, annotation, closed captioning, and links to your site. We will have a “how to” video with exactly how to optimize you videos coming out shortly so stay tuned. (To make sure you don’t miss it and other important information enter your name and email at the top of the page)

Traffic – getting people to your videos is the name of the game, you can do this by posting videos regularly, subscribing to others channels, commenting and liking others videos, posting on other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc.) .

Engagement – No, don’t get married, get people subscribing to your channel, get them to like, comment, and share your videos, reply to comments from others, have calls to action (CTA) tell people exactly what you want them to do.

YouTube Video Marketing

Using YouTube Video Marketing For Long Term Growth

With YouTube video marketing you have to look at the big picture, you can not focus on just one video that is going to make you rich. You need to focus on your channel as a long term asset for your business.

So the more you engage in your channel, the more authority you will build up with your subscribers, therefore leading to increased sales.

– Post videos regularly,

– Leave comments on other peoples videos,

– Subscribe to other peoples channels,

– Build back links to your channel and videos

– 20% of the work you do will lead to 80% of your profits, you need to understand that. Think of it as your video marketing services, create value.

YouTube Video Marketing For Business


Like I said before and what I have laid out in this video and blog, using YouTube video marketing might be the easiest thing you can do to build your business online.

So if you have fear about filming yourself, get over it, then more you do it the better you will get at it, it took Roben and I a while to get use to it, and sometimes it still feels weird when we hear our voice or see ourselves on film, but we do it anyway.

We know it is making a difference, not just in our business but in who we are as people, use your fear to fuel you through the uncomfortable things you must do, I guarantee you will grow as a person and that is the ultimate goal here.

YouTube Video Marketing

I hope you enjoyed this blog today and remember to share it with some one who is where we all have been and can use this information to help grow their business, also enter your name and email address at the top, so you will be sure not to miss any of our valuable trainings that we provide here.

If you have any questions please contact us through the link at the top or email us at we look forward to hearing from you.

Make The Rest Of Your Life, The Best Of Your Life!

YouTube Video Marketing







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YouTube Video Marketing

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