“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog ūüôā

We wanted to share with you something that

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

Has taught us an incredible lesson in our lives and

Is crucial to making anything, and everything

You do in your life a success.

You have to know “WHY” you are doing what your doing!!

Now, we aren’t just talking about ¬†all the reasons “WHY”

People do what they do …

To make money

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"


To own your own time

To live a better life

To buy that cool car you’ve been wanting

To go on a holiday

To buy a house


We have already been through all of these reasons


That is not the “WHY” we are talking about

We are talking about your true “WHY”

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

The “WHY” that no matter what happens in your life …

Nothing will stop you from achieving that “WHY”

The “WHY” that brings tears to your eyes when you think about it

The “WHY” that sends chills down your spine just picturing it

The “WHY” that pumps so much exciting energy through your veins

No one in the world can take it away from you

That’s the “WHY” we are talking about

“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

That’s the “WHY” we want you to find

Most people say they want to make money

What we have figured out is …

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

it’s not the money people want,

It’s the freedom they get from the money

The freedom to give

The freedom to buy

The freedom to travel

The freedom to shop

The freedom to do you want …

When you want

The freedom to take care of your family

The … ¬†FREEDOM …

In reading all of this how does it make you feel

Does it give you a feeling

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

A feeling of excitement

A feeling of hope

A feeling of happiness

A feeling of accomplishment

“WHY” You Need A “WHY”


Those are the feelings you need to focus on

When thinking about your “WHY” !!!

At one point our “WHY” was just about making the money

We wanted to travel , and buy things , and live the rich life

We have spent our lives telling our boys

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

Tanner and Josh —> Aren’t they cute —>

That they can do whatever they want to do in life

Have no fear

Make no excuses

Whatever they can imagine being … They can be

The problem with this was, we were telling them


That’s what really made us change what we were focussing on in our lives

“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

What is the most important thing to both of us

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

What meant the most to us

What would we die to protect

What would give us more strength

What would give us more drive

What would show us our worth


What would keep us going … No matter what …

To stop at nothing to achieve our goals, and live the life we deserve to live

Our Family … Our Boys … Our “WHY”

You see your “WHY” has to be something that is going to

Give you the fuel to accomplish anything

Make you more powerful than any Super Hero

It’s going to show ¬†you and everyone else that you are ¬†UNSTOPPABLE

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

It will make you FEARLESS

It will teach you lessons

You will laugh … You will cry

But it will all be worth it

Because it is your


And when your “WHY” is big enough

You will be able to overcome any  HOW

And  when times get tough

You have this thing that is  so huge to remind you


You do what you do!!!

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"







“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

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