We want to say THANK YOU to all of our customers … without you we wouldn’t be able to stay home and do what we love!!!!


We got Roben and Cam to build us a wonderful custom built fire pit for our Family. We were impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. They were very wonderful to deal with and putting our ideas together for what we wanted and made it happen! Thank you so much we absolutely love it! Highly recommended Smiling face with smiling eyes Cindy Olmstead


I am absolutely thrilled with the custom fire pit that was made for a birthday present for my husband.  I had sent a message saying what I would like to have done, and they took care of the rest, ie. finding a drawing, sending me proofs, etc.  When I picked up the fire pit a couple of weeks after the process started (super quick and easy process), I was stunned at how fabulous it was!     Kristie Stearns Short


Hi guys,

Well, there is only one way to put it. We love the fire pit! We finally had a chance to use it this past weekend and it was wonderful. Once we had the fire going, we stood back to just look at it. With the design in the top section, It just looks beautiful in the dark. Let alone, when it is not getting used, it is a perfect accent to the back yard. It makes a wonderful back yard ornament. Especially if you consider the basic round department store type or a brick pit. They don’t hold a candle to the pit you built for us. We love it!

In my wife’s words “Love it, Love it, Love it!”

 Thank you so much!    The Bach’s


After seeing a post on one of these custom fire pits, I instantly knew I was wanting to order one! And I’m sure glad I did! Firstly, the customer service was phenomenal!Not only are they awesome people to deal with, While messaging back and forth, asking about a million questions, and changing my mind over and over, not once did I feel like I was being a pest. They were always more than happy to answer any questions or concerns I had. When I picked it up it was no different, their only concern was making sure I was satisfied! I couldn’t ask for better people to deal with! 

Now to the pit, WOW! We love ours! Whether there’s a fire going or not, it’s absolutley gorgeous! Its also a great conversation starter and just looking at it you can see the time and effort that was put in to make it as sturdy and well made as it is! I definitely cant wait for many summers full of fires with family and friends. I would definetly recommend this company to anyone!

Tasmin Lucas


So happy with the custom fire pit we ordered as a wedding present. Roben was so helpful in the design process. They accommodated all our requests. Everything done on time and to our specs. Will be using them again.

Highly recommend these guys! Had a firepit custom designed and made for a wedding gift. They are awesome to deal with and the end product was high quality.

Monica Schmidt


Hi Roben,  here are the pictures of the fire pit. It fits together just perfect! I am really going to enjoy it and am pleased with the way all the pieces line up. The grill is awesome as I can fold it only half way on top of the fire-pit  if I want to. Also it is pretty cool as to how all the pieces fit into the grill top and can be carried like a suitcase.

Awesome job!! 

Kathy Gunderson


Thanks Roben and Cam for creating our fire pit ! My husband was very impressed with the design of it . We are looking foward to the evenings sitting around a fire .  Kim Lifton


With my brother Dwayne’s  memorial fast approaching I promised him that I would find a marker to acknowledge him. I wanted something different and made out of rod iron. Dwayne loved his cowboy hat and boots. You could see him coming a mile away when he was all decked out. As time passed it seemed like I couldn’t find anything I liked. Well they say timing is everything along with a few prayers. One day I was scrolling through my news feed on social media and I came across a friend that had pictures up of barbecues that they had made out of rod iron. I was intrigued and interested while wondering if they did memorial  emblems. So I preceded to message Roben and asked if  they made memorial emblems and she said most definitely. I told her a bit about my brother and what I would like to have made for  him. A few days later Roben sent me some pictures and they brought tears to my eyes, finally I knew that my prayers were answered.   

ROBEN ……you are a inspiration to many people, you have a big heart and soul, and you do great work. What you made for my brother is beautiful and it touched my heart deeply. You are a blessing and I thank you from the bottom of my heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart

Beverley Murray


I approached Cam and Roben about a sign for the end of our driveway. I had seen the work they were doing on a Facebook post. I knew right away that I wanted this quality of work! The only thing I was concerned about was…. How do they get it here? I’m two provinces away????

NO WORRIES at all! Roben went straight to work and had it all figured out in no time.

We absolutely LOVE our lane sign, and get lots of compliments.

I’m also in talks with Roben and Cam about a special something for a wedding gift….

If you can think it…. They can do it!

Thanks Roben and Cameron!

Karin Kilpatrick


We had such an amazing experience with Cam & Roben at Empowering Freedom designs. It was very quick and easy, they completely understood what we were asking for and the sign they made for us for our wedding was beautiful and was loved by everyone. It helped make our day that much more special. I would and have recommended them to friends and family!! 

Cody and Crystal Carnahan


Thanks for the great workmanship on my husband’s fire pit! He loves it. We can’t wait to have our first fire in it. You are such upbeat, nice people and were so patient with me while I decided on what designs I wanted and what type of pit to get. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a say in how to design their own fire pit. You guys ROCK! Thanks againSmiling face (black and white)

Andrea Holman


Wow is what I thought when I saw your fireplaces advertised on Rocky Swap and Buy. 

I contacted Cameron and Roben to go through the details of what I was looking for as I knew I wanted a larger fireplace for my back yard. 

After confirming my order and sending payment, my custom fireplace was built and ready for pickup. I went to their place of business and it was a great pleasure to meet Cameron and Roben in person. Great people they are; so kind and easy to work with!!!! It was a great pleasure to meet them. 

I enjoyed dealing with Cameron and Roben and loved the quality of work put into their projects that I have Cameron building me a custom designed Natural Gas fireplace.

I would recommend Cameron and Roben’s business to everyone. Great workmanship; great custom designs; great pricing; and Fabulous People!! 

Thank you so much

Kathy Tessmer


We ordered a fire pit from Empowering Freedom Designs and they were wonderful to work with.  We live in a different province but they were so accommodating with responding to emails and text messages.  We picked out a design with six different pictures and they were very quick at doing up a draft and getting it to us to approve.  It was hassle free.  They had it completed in the time frame they told us.  The work was done very well and we are very happy with it.  I would highly recommend purchasing a fire pit through them.  We would definitely purchase through them again in the future.

Heather Werezak


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