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Metal Mania

Metal Mania

Following your passion and doing what you want

Isn’t that what life is all about

Well thats what my hubby is doing ….









There are lots of people in our province that are oil field workers …

Cam being one of them

There are lots of people going through hard times right now

The economy is the shits, Jobs are scarce

People are getting laid off left, right, and centre


Cam also being one of them …

So what do you do with that … what do you do when this happens to you

Do you have a pity party

Cry every day, spewing anger and shit all over  everyone as you blame your problems on the world

Or maybe you get depressed … hold it all inside until one day you blow up

Or maybe you use it … You let those feelings be fuel

You let them DRIVE YOU  …

YOU let them FIRE YOU UP,

Metal Mania


You let them MOTIVATE YOU

Let them PUSH you to your limits



Everything happens for a reason



there are no accidents

Its your turn to take this experience and make it the best

Thing thats ever happened to your life

You got this shit …

Don’t let what the world says define you

Be who you are inside

Dig deep … get creative … people want what you have to offer

You are Metal Mania


Inspire to be inspired

Motivate to be motivated

Get clear with your goals … WHAT DOES YOUR LIFE LOOK LIKE

Never let anyone tell you how you are going to live your life

There are so many things you can do

Focus, have fun, use your imagination

Become a kid again … kids are fearless … be spontaneous

Be free, be fearless , be love

Face your fears head on … nothing can stop you

Cam Green I am SO PROUD OF YOU

You are an inspiration to all of us

and we are so blessed to be on this journey with you <3

Take your passion and share it with the world









Ride Hard and Ride Free 🙂

Much Love Baby








Cheers to Making the Rest of Your Life …

The Best of Your Life !!!

Metal Mania

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Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

This past 4 years have been insane for my family and I

we have said farewell to 6 people who are all dear to our hearts

and everyday I wonder what the hell is the lesson here


I know we are to appreciate life

I know we are not supposed to take anything for granted

I know we are supposed to share our words and our feelings before its too late

before time runs out and we can’t share

I know that life is short, so live it while you can

I know that people are in your life and then taken away to either teach you a lesson or show you a blessing … usually both

I know that everyone should live everyday and Celebrate Life

But honestly what does that mean??

Today is Thursday, March 3, 2016 my son Tanner Greens 23 birthday

and I have so much love that fills my heart,



but today is also the day

that family members will come

together to Celebrate Life


as we lost an amazing women on Saturday Feb. 27, 2016

She was

A Mom, A grandma, A sister, an aunty, a friend who was

loving, caring, happy, spiritual,

strong, determined,

strong willed, and full of heart

So I ask myself


from all of these life and death experiences

that have been part of my daily routine

what is it??


I know there is more to it

and then it happened

as I was sitting with my Mother in Law

in the hospital emergency room

as she was fighting for her life … Oh She was a fighter

I glanced up at my husband with tears pouring down my cheeks

because I knew it was her time to go , I knew we only had

this time with her, these last days, these special moments,

these few seconds until it was time

time for her to let go

time for her to be free

free of pain, free of doubt, free of guilt, free of hate

free to be her loving self

and in that moment I knew

I knew what my lesson was and what it means to


Celebrate Life

I mean really, how many times have we gone to

a celebration of life??

More then 6 in 4 years

and every time we are there to Celebrate Life


Could it be that I am supposed to CELEBRATE LIFE

We are so freaking busy everyday, most of the time

we don’t even have time to pay attention

our focus is so messed up

Going to Work, making money, paying bills, paying taxes, worrying, dreading, fearing,  cleaning, running errands, making meals, doing chores


and then … and only then

if there is time .. we will appreciate the people in our lives

we will enjoy each others company

we will spend quality time with each other

we will cherish the laughter, the fun, the love we get to share with each other

we will appreciate the faces that stand right in front of us

and in those moments we will say how much we love doing that

and even say how much we need to do it more often

but then as the next day comes we go back into our routine,

back to our rat race of a busy crazy lifestyle

because thats all we know

thats how we pass the time

until the next life altering experience sneaks up on us

to teach us the same lessons we need to learn

Well not this time … this time I GOT IT




Celebrate Life

and I am going to have the best time doing it 🙂

To my momma with love

I love the lessons you taught me,

the time I got to spend with you,

the special moments together,

the laughs and giggles

but most of all

the love … the passion … the will to live










Thank you for joining me on this journey <3

Much Love

Roben Green

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Break on Through to the Other Side

Break on Through to the Other Side

In the last 4 years my life has been turned upside down

From losing my dad 4 years ago Feb. 20

Then saying goodbye to one of my best friends Donnelda 2 years ago Oct. 9

To losing my brother a year ago Oct. 24

I’ve been angry, sad, frustrated, lost, devastated, alone

And seeking inner healing of the most

Powerful kind … I needed help

my life is emtpy


I needed a miracle

I needed answers

How could this happen

Why is this happening to me and my family

Why them 🙁

WHY ME ???

There are so many bad people in the world

Why can’t they be taken

life is nothing

Why is it always the good guys that are taken so early

In all the ups and downs and heartbreak

I found myself opening up to the possibilities

Of life after death … what happens to us

Where do we go

Is there really a heaven and a hell

It was time … time to

Break on Through to the Other Side

I have always been spiritual and believed that we are all energy

So then,  my loved ones should all be

With me every minute of every day … right

Searching for mediums, reading up on the other side

Sucked me right in … This is what I am here for

I have always loved watching Long Island Medium and

My moms a medium and have been totally excited about the

Talent they have, the passion, the drive, the connection to

People who have left us way too early

And it got me to thinking


never walk alone

You see anyone can connect to past loved ones

Ya just have to be open to the possibilities

You have to calm the mind, quiet the chatter,

Raise your energy and BELIEVE

Believe that it is possible …

Ok I am ready 🙂

Now the big question is

How the heck do I learn this lol

How the heck do I Break on Through to the Other Side?

Im not sure if you believe that everything happens for a reason

And if you are meant to do something, then

There will be a sign … Well low and behold

The next morning as I’m having my coffee and

My cigarette and reading my emails

if you are


A special invite to all the specials and the courses that

Carmel Joy Baird has to offer


THIS WAS IT ( Thank you dad, corey, and naldy)

Its my time, time to Break on Through to the Other Side

I have never been so excited in my whole life

This is really happening … I’m doing this

There’s excitement

dear angels

There’s fear of the unknown

Am I actually going to be able to connect with my dad and my brother

What about my friend Donnelda , there are so many

Things I want to say, so many things I want to know

Are they ok … Are they in pain … What’s it like

Did you know that when someone passes,

They are right outside your aura

Just wanting to talk to you

Wanting to desperately show you that they are with you

Wanting to connect


Playing with the lights

Making noises

Leaving pennies or coins laying around

Anything and everything they can do to try to show you that they are there



Honestly you just have to call to them

Invite them in

You gotta Break on Through to the Other Side 

Its almost like when you go to town and you have a friend that lives there,

You probably won’t stop in to visit … BUT …

If they invite you, then there is a good chance you’ll stop in to say hi

It’s the exact same way when someone crosses over

They miss you just as much, if not more then you miss them

i cant live life

They are longing to talk to you, feel your touch, give you a hug

All you have to do is ask

Break on Through to the Other Side

Welcome them in and you’ll see what happens

They’ll show up in your dreams, or give you a sign

It will happen … they will be there

I have just started the course and I have already had dreams

And gotten messages to give to my family

Im a believer,



And I know you may think its just wishful thinking

That I miss my loved ones so much that I would believe anything

In hopes to help heal my broken heart,

And you may even think that  its all bullshit

And thats ok


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions

But this is something I am passionate about

This is something that I am pursuing

In hopes of being able to help hundreds

Of thousands of people out there who have lost someone they love

I am ready … I am really ready to

Break on Through to the Other Side

Thank you for joining me on this journey of the un known

always here

I am super excited to keep learning, enjoying new experiences,

And sharing everything with you!!

In Loving Memory

Always on my mind and Forever in My Heart

Reg Carlson, Corey Carlson, Donnelda Day

Much Love

Roben Green

Break on Through to the Other Side

cam and i 3








Break on through to the Other Side

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Living The Dream

Living The Dream

what does your Dream Life look like?dreams

Are you on an island somewhere hot?

Are you traveling the world?

Are you debt free doing what you want … when you want

My Dream Life is all of the above lol

But most of all

Its having my husband home with me everyday

No Monday to Friday J O B

No alarm clocks

No deadlines

No answering to someone else

No making someone else’s dreams come true

the two of us

Just the two of us

Doing what we want

When we want

Following our Passions

Doing what we Love

Finding new Hobbies

Discovering each other’s Talents

Falling in Unconditional Love with Each other

unconditional love

Appreciating the Small things in Life

Communicating with each other …

To actually Hear and not just Listen


Being true to who we are

Being true to each other

have faith

Being Brilliant

Being Love

Being Life

Totally Focussing on

Living The Dream

Now ask yourself

Are you Living The Dream?

If not … WHY NOT??


Whats holding you back?

What are your excuses?

Aren’t you WORTH IT?

Its your storey … your movie … how does it play out?


We are on our way to

Living The Dream

We’re Focussed

We have our Goals set straight

We’ve got our Mind Set Right


We have the Passion

We’ve got the Ambition

We Will Do This …

We Will Be Living The Dream 

All it takes is a few key ingredients

Belief in Ourselves

The Drive to take Action

The Determination to Keep Going

No Matter what bumps may come in the road

The Love and Emotions


The Goosebumps and Butterflies

We Already Are

Living The Dream 

Its all a Mindset

What are we Grateful For


What if … What if our dreams have already come true

What if we just don’t see it

What if all we have to do is FOCUS

Focus on our dreams as if we are already living them???

Wouldn’t that be an Amazing Life

Ha … It already is


I love everyday of my life

I love my husband

I love my kids

I love my family

I love my home

I love my day to day activities

I love learning new things about myself and the people around me

I love waking up

I love going to sleep


I choose how I’m  gonna live each day

I choose whats important to me

I gotta step up

Step up and Make Shit Happen

Maybe thats it …

Maybe this is me

I am

Thank you so much for letting me share <3

Cheers to Making the Rest of Your Life …

The Best of Your Life

Roben and Cam Green

cam and i 3

Living The Dream


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Finding Myself

Finding Myself

Do you ever have those days, weeks, months, years that you feel lost

found myself

Where nothing seems to be going like you want it to

Where anything and everything you do …

Doesn’t feel like that is what you are put on this planet to do

Thats how I have been feeling lately

And honestly I’m struggling with the fact that I don’t know who I am and I’m having trouble with FINDING MYSELF!!

Finding Myself

What am I here to do

Who am I wanting to be

I know I want happiness, love, respect, passion, and romance

But how do I give this to myself?

I know I love Natural Healing

I know I love helping people

I know I am meant to Inspire, and Motivate, and Share with others

But what do I do to do all of this

How does one put all fears aside and take the leap


Years and years of working on myself

Reading Self Help books, Listening to Mentors Audios

But still it feels like something is missing

I wish that someone could guide me into the direction of Finding Myself

Maybe I’m overreacting … Maybe this is it … Maybe I’m already doing what I’m supposed to be doing

Is this all there is to life


I try to make everyday an INCREDIBLE day

I try to see all the good in things

I try to live my life to the fullest … OR DO I

Hmmmmm … wow thats an eye opener

Now I have to question myself … about Finding Myself


Can I live my life a little more outstanding

Can I dream bigger

Can I work harder

Can I be a better version of myself then what I have been doing

Holy Shit … YES I CAN


Its amazing how writing a blog can

slap you right in the face with

your reality … your fears … your insecurities

I woke up this morning with an open mind and an open heart

Willing to accept endless opportunities and amazing possibilities

Between My Amazing Husband sharing his wise words, creating

And writing this blog just opened up my eyes

To what may be holding me back from

Living my Dream Life …


Thanks for being a part of my day

And as weird as it sounds lol

Thanks for helping me on my journey towards

Empowering Freedom

Cheers to Making the Rest of Your Life …

The Best of Your Life !!!


Finding Myself

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Empowering Freedom Designs

Empowering Freedom Designs


Welcome Beautiful People <3


It’s time to start a new adventure in our

lives or bring back a dream that we had at one point but

didn’t pursue it head on with the passion it deserved!!

We are Empowering Freedom and one way we wanna do that

Is by using our imagination and creating amazing Metal Work!!

My Husband Cam is one of the most Inspirational, Creative, Passionate Men I know and

I am super excited about this Journey we are on in our lives right now <3

We Are The Green’s and we are super excited to share with you all the amazing Metal Work we have done and will be doing in the future IMG_0036

We do Custom Work, Anything you can think of, from



Fire Pits


Wall Art

Seriously anything your imagination can think of … WE CAN DO!!!

Empowering Freedom Designs

Its about letting go of FEAR AND JUDGEMENT





Any dream can come true … If you make it come true!!


One of our favourite things to do is hang out in the back yard around the Fire Pit 🙂

Here are a few we cut out for some Incredible People <3

IMG_0034 IMG_0047









Maybe you are into Western Themes … Here’s an Awesome Bench

IMG_0030The sky is the limit as to what can be done!!

I am into Natural healing and Shakra’s so I got my hubby to cut this out for me

Lots of Love and a Little INNER PEACE <3

IMG_0064 IMG_0065








If you can come up with an idea of what you like, love, want … let us know and we will hook you up!!


Its as easy as sending emailing us  or commenting on this post 🙂

We would love to hear your thoughts or any cool ideas.


Cam and Roben Green


cam and i 3








Cheers to Making the Rest of Your Life … The Best of Your Life!!!!

Empowering Freedom Designs

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