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Cam and Roben Green


“The more we live, the more we learn”


The last couple of weeks have been very

exciting for Roben and myself.


We have been working on getting our new

blog Empowering Freedom at camandroben.com

up and running.


We have a lot of work to do with it yet, but we

realize that we need to just get it out there and

we can continue to build it as we go.


“There is no production in perfection” -Right!


So we would love it if you would check it out

and give us your feedback.


The most exciting part of creating this new blog

is what it means for our customers and loyal



This is our intention for our blog…


We spent years trying to figure out how we could

both work from home and still live the lifestyle

that we want to live.


Then we were introduce to network marketing and using

the internet to build our business a few years back, now

we realize that the possibilities are endless.


The other thing that was endless was number of people

trying to sell us the next great thing that would fill our

bank accounts by the next morning (which never works out)

, we were bombarded with information that we were ultimately

left to sift through on our own.


Confused and frustrated with what direction we were

suppose to go, we just kept plugging away, hoping

we would find a sign, something or someone that would

shed some light on our dreary business.


Then we met a guy, who was finally making sense, and was doing

things in a way that people could actually understand and



He actually did what he said to do.


That brings us to the purpose of our new blog.


We have looked at all the things that we have struggled

with, all the things we have had success with, and all

the things we have to work on yet.


We are dedicating this blog to helping people who are

just starting out on the internet or maybe have been

struggling like we were and we are going to share what is

working for us now.


We are going to jam it packed with videos, tips and tricks,

mindset training, everything that will help you grow your

business and minimize the pitfalls that we have been



If you are willing to give it everything you have for the

next 3-6 month to make the changes you came here for,

we are going to run right beside you and do whatever we

can to see that you achieve your goal.


No one said it was going to be easy, but we guarantee it

will be worth it.


We can help you get there!


Until we get more information on our blog we encourage

you, if you don’t find what you are looking for  or

if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to

contact us either through our blog camandroben.com

or email us at empoweringfreedomnow@gmail.com.


We appreciate you and hope that you will use what we

are sharing with you and start living the life that you



We will keep you updated and we will talk to you soon.

Make sure you enter your name and email address on the

Home page, so you don’t miss out on any of our trainings.


Keep making the rest of your life, the best of your life.










Cam & Roben Green








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