Living The Dream

Living The Dream

what does your Dream Life look like?dreams

Are you on an island somewhere hot?

Are you traveling the world?

Are you debt free doing what you want … when you want

My Dream Life is all of the above lol

But most of all

Its having my husband home with me everyday

No Monday to Friday J O B

No alarm clocks

No deadlines

No answering to someone else

No making someone else’s dreams come true

the two of us

Just the two of us

Doing what we want

When we want

Following our Passions

Doing what we Love

Finding new Hobbies

Discovering each other’s Talents

Falling in Unconditional Love with Each other

unconditional love

Appreciating the Small things in Life

Communicating with each other …

To actually Hear and not just Listen


Being true to who we are

Being true to each other

have faith

Being Brilliant

Being Love

Being Life

Totally Focussing on

Living The Dream

Now ask yourself

Are you Living The Dream?

If not … WHY NOT??


Whats holding you back?

What are your excuses?

Aren’t you WORTH IT?

Its your storey … your movie … how does it play out?


We are on our way to

Living The Dream

We’re Focussed

We have our Goals set straight

We’ve got our Mind Set Right


We have the Passion

We’ve got the Ambition

We Will Do This …

We Will Be Living The Dream 

All it takes is a few key ingredients

Belief in Ourselves

The Drive to take Action

The Determination to Keep Going

No Matter what bumps may come in the road

The Love and Emotions


The Goosebumps and Butterflies

We Already Are

Living The Dream 

Its all a Mindset

What are we Grateful For


What if … What if our dreams have already come true

What if we just don’t see it

What if all we have to do is FOCUS

Focus on our dreams as if we are already living them???

Wouldn’t that be an Amazing Life

Ha … It already is


I love everyday of my life

I love my husband

I love my kids

I love my family

I love my home

I love my day to day activities

I love learning new things about myself and the people around me

I love waking up

I love going to sleep


I choose how I’m  gonna live each day

I choose whats important to me

I gotta step up

Step up and Make Shit Happen

Maybe thats it …

Maybe this is me

I am

Thank you so much for letting me share <3

Cheers to Making the Rest of Your Life …

The Best of Your Life

Roben and Cam Green

cam and i 3

Living The Dream


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