Ketopia Diet

Ketopia Diet

So I spent 10 days doing the

Ketopia Diet 

I had seen many pics and people talking about

It and like everyone else

I Was Curious

So I did some research to see what the products were

All about and what ingredients were in them and

Watched about 20 reviews … ok I’m in … I’m trying it

So the hole idea of the 10 day reset

Is to follow a plan for 10 days

Start your morning out with the Ketonx drink


Mix this drink with a litre of water and sip on it for

About an hour, an hour and a half … My first time

Drinking this , I totally tasted all the vitamins in it, by the second

day it tasted like cold orange juice , and by the third day I couldn’t

wait to get it in me 🙂

3 hours later you are going to enjoy your Dough Bite



this thick, chunk of fibre cookie dough remedy will fill you

up almost minutes after you eat it, which is a good thing because I

honestly thought I was going to starve to death on this program lol

at first I wasn’t to keen on the taste, or maybe it was just my stubborn

self wanting to eat everything else that I wasn’t allowed lol

By the next day I was totally craving it and couldn’t wait to have it

its a great part of the

Ketopia Diet 

So another 3 hours later is when you will have your


Fixx which is a 24 karat chocolate meal replacement energy shake,

now if you’re like me you don’t like milk , so … is this going to taste good

when I just mix it with water????

Well low and behold, it does , but you know what else I found interesting

by the 4th day, I was mixing my shake with unsweetened coconut milk and whipping cream which are 2 things that would totally bloat me up like a stuffed pig , or a 10 month pregnant woman … this was absolutely mind boggling to me that I wasn’t reacting to the fats or the dairy … is it possible my body actually needs these healthy fats

Then the last step of your day on the

Ketopia Diet

is supper time , so you gotta pick a protein, chicken, pork, steak, eggs, fish, whatever your little heart desires and then match it with mixed greens, salad, fried up roasted peppers , whatever you want as long as it is vegetables that are grown on top of the earth so there is less sugar and carbs in them 🙂

So seems easy right hahaha

it really actually is , it might be hard to get used to at the start

but I do have to say in the 10 days, I never felt hungry, I may have wanted to eat cause thats what I usually do, but I was never hungry

so 10 days later I am at the end of the reset with the Ketopia Diet  and I am happy to say I am 11.2 pounds down  AND FEELIN FABULOUS <3

And I totally should have taken measurements cause I know I am down a shit ton of inches … what do you think








I don’t know about you …



and to be honest, I did not exercise for the whole 10 days

Im not saying thats the way to live a healthy lifestyle

I just wanted to see what my results would be not working out …

and working out … SO stay tuned for the working out results

which will be coming soon 🙂

So if you are thinking about doing the

Ketopia Diet

I would say go for it .. its not for everyone, but you won’t know if its for you

Until you try it 🙂

Thanks for joining me on this lil adventure <3

Much Love

Roben Green



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