Internet Marketing For Beginners #2 – SEO, Domain Names, Web Hosting, and more…

Internet Marketing For Beginners #2 – SEO, Domain Names, Web Hosting, and more…

Internet Marketing For Beginners

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Are you tired of living pay check to pay check?

Are you looking for away to grow your current business?

Would you like to make some extra money part time to pay for a family vacation?

Are you tired of working for someone else building their dream and would like to be your own boss and build your dream?

There are many reasons that people look to the internet to make money and for good reason, there is lots of money to be made from the internet.

The biggest problem I see for people starting out on the internet, is just that,

Where do you start?

I know I was there, so I wanted to write this blog Internet Marketing For Beginners to help you get started in the right direction and some links of popular services that you can use.


Internet Marketing For Beginners – SEO, Domain Names, Web Hosting, and more…

Here are some terms/words/services you will become familiar with in your internet marketing adventure.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – basically this is technical things that are done to a website or blog that help it show up in the search engines. Don’t worry to much about this starting out, down the road it will come in handy.

Domain Name – this is the unique name you give your website or blog eg.,, It is an easy way to tell someone how to find your site in the search engine.

Some options for your are: – $2.98 – $17.98/year (best value in my opinion) – $12.95/year – $9 – $15/year (we have some domains here)

Web Hosting – once you have a Domain Name you will need to host it. Web hosting is the service that provides you with the ability to display your website on the World Wide Web/www.. Some option for you are: – starting at $3.45/month (recommended) – starting at $3.96/month – starting at $4.29/month

** Note – These prices are if you pay for a year in advance, just watch when you pay, make sure you know what plan you are paying for.**

Lead Capture Page – also know as a optin box, squeeze page or landing page is a page or form that you place on your website or blog that you will be able to use to get a persons information (name/email address) and then that information will be saved in your email auto responder.

Email Auto Responder – is a program that keeps track of your “email list”. You will need this for sending emails, promotions, and building a relationship with your customers. For example – You will be able to write an email and send it to all of your customers at one time or have a series of prewritten emails that automatically get sent out as soon someone enters their name and email on one of your Lead Capture Pages.

This is Email Marketing and it is very important for growing your business.

Any business whether it be online or offline is about building relationships with your customers.

Email auto responders you can use: – $24.95/month this is one that I have used as it has a lot of useful tools for the price. – $20+/month to start. I have used Aweber for a long time because of the features and price. You can get a $1 trail for your first month. –  $15+/month to start – I have never used this service but lots of people do.

All of the services I have given you, are suggestions,  you can search around and find what you think will work for you. I just wanted to give you a starting point of some of the more popular services, some of which I use.

Internet Marketing For Beginners

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Internet Marketing For Beginners

The internet is a great place to build a thriving business, but, it is also a place where a lot of promises are made, that can’t be kept.

If something sounds to good to be true… , you know the rest, stay away from it.

If the opportunity is claiming you can make money with no work, stay away from it.

Building a real business online is going to take work, focus, planning, dedication, capital, a whole lot of heart, you will need a big reason why you want to do it (something bigger then money), and a Vision.

A huge part of this business is personal growth, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and staying there,  you will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, if you can do that, the rewards will blow your mind.

When I started online I came here for the money, but the person I have become on the way to money, is the real reason I am still here. It can change your life.

You can do this too and if you would like we are here to help you.

If you have any question about Internet Marketing For Beginners you can contact us through the Contact link at the top or bottom of our blog.

I am going to leave you with that, and there is a lot more to come, to be sure you don’t miss any of this valuable information enter your name and email address over on the right and I will deliver it right to your inbox.

**Here is the link to Internet Marketing For Beginners – Websites, Blogs, and More…**

***BONUS*** Internet Marketing For Beginners – Internet Terminology and Definitions

Till next time, take care, have an amazing day, and we will talk soon.

Internet Marketing For Beginners

Cam & Roben Green

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Internet Marketing For Beginners

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Internet Marketing For Beginners #2– SEO, Domain Names, Web Hosting, and more…

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