Internet Marketing For Beginners #4- Paid Advertising – Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads, and more…

Internet Marketing For Beginners #4- Paid Advertising – Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads, and more…

Paid Advertising - Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads


Welcome to Internet Marketing For Beginners #4  Paid Advertising, in this post I will talk about using paid and free advertising to scale your business bigger faster. If you missed the rest of the series you can get caught up through the links below. What this series is about, is giving you the basics of internet marketing, along with terminology, and websites where you can get started.

These are just suggestions and I recommend that you research any opportunity before you join.
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Internet Marketing For Beginners  #4– Paid Advertising

Lets get to it!

In just about every internet marketers career, at some point, you are going to want to get in to Paid Advertising, as that will be the way to scale your business up.

Unless you have an advertising budget when you get started, many will start with Free Advertising like classified sites., the list goes on and on these will definitely get you going.

As with any ad you place whether it be free or paid, you must:

TEST variations of the same ad,

TRACK the results over a period of time, and

TWEAK if an ad is not performing, make small changes to it and test it again.

Sometimes very small variations of an ad can make a big difference e.g. headline, body content, image, text colour, etc.

**TEST, TRACK, and TWEAK** remember this anytime you are running ads, it is very important.

Not every ad campaign  is going to be profitable, so when you find one that is, you are going to want to scale it up (promote it more).

Paid Advertising - Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads

Internet Marketing For Beginners #5- Paid Advertising – Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads, and more…

What is a Solo Ad? Basically you find someone with a large email list that is related to your niche and you pay them for the opportunity to send your offer out to their list. This method can be very effective for building your list, if you use a lead capture page and if you find the right Solo Ad provider.

Before spending any money on a Solo Ad you need to ask a few questions,

What is the relationship between the list owner and their subscribers, do they Know, Like and Trust the list owner?

Do the subscribers know the list owner by name or company name?

How was the list created?

Do you or does the list owner write the Solo Ad?

These are a few question you should ask before proceeding to make a payment. Protect yourself and your investments.

Internet Marketing For Beginners

Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads,

PPC – Pay-Per-Click – when you place a paid ad, every time some one clicks on your ad you pay. E.G. if you are paying $.10 a click and you get 70 clicks on your ad, you will pay $7 for that ad. 

CPM/CPI – Cost-Per-Impression – with CPM/CPI you will pay a determined amount for every time your ad is displayed on a webpage. The usual CPM/CPI is the cost per 1000 impressions.

 CPA – Cost-Per-Action/Cost-Per-Acquisition – this form of advertising, you will actually pay only when a certain action has been taken or you are guaranteed a lead or a sale.

As with anything on the internet you must research the best Advertising companies that will suite your needs and achieve the results you want.

***TEST, TRACK, and TWEAK***

Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads


I said it before and I will say it again, the most important part of any kind of advertising is to Test, Track, And Tweak, you have to know what is working and what is not working, when it works scale it up, when it doesn’t work ditch it.

Paid Advertising - Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads, and more...

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Alright that is it for this lesson on Paid Advertising, I hope this will help you understand what is involved with the basics of paid advertising. If you have any other question please contact us through the link at the top .

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Paid Advertising - Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads

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Internet Marketing For Beginners #4 – Paid Advertising – Solo Ads, PPC, Free Ads, and more…

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