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With anything you do in life, be it personal or in business, your mindset is going to determine success or failure. We work on our mindset everyday and we like to share with you our experiences, in hopes that you can use them to help change your life also.

Oprah and Deepak

Oprah and Deepak 21 Day Meditation Review

Shedding the Weight:

Mind, Body, and Spirit is a

Life Changing meditation that has opened my eyes to so many possibilities <3




Much Love

Roben Green <3


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Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

This past 4 years have been insane for my family and I

we have said farewell to 6 people who are all dear to our hearts

and everyday I wonder what the hell is the lesson here


I know we are to appreciate life

I know we are not supposed to take anything for granted

I know we are supposed to share our words and our feelings before its too late

before time runs out and we can’t share

I know that life is short, so live it while you can

I know that people are in your life and then taken away to either teach you a lesson or show you a blessing … usually both

I know that everyone should live everyday and Celebrate Life

But honestly what does that mean??

Today is Thursday, March 3, 2016 my son Tanner Greens 23 birthday

and I have so much love that fills my heart,



but today is also the day

that family members will come

together to Celebrate Life


as we lost an amazing women on Saturday Feb. 27, 2016

She was

A Mom, A grandma, A sister, an aunty, a friend who was

loving, caring, happy, spiritual,

strong, determined,

strong willed, and full of heart

So I ask myself


from all of these life and death experiences

that have been part of my daily routine

what is it??


I know there is more to it

and then it happened

as I was sitting with my Mother in Law

in the hospital emergency room

as she was fighting for her life … Oh She was a fighter

I glanced up at my husband with tears pouring down my cheeks

because I knew it was her time to go , I knew we only had

this time with her, these last days, these special moments,

these few seconds until it was time

time for her to let go

time for her to be free

free of pain, free of doubt, free of guilt, free of hate

free to be her loving self

and in that moment I knew

I knew what my lesson was and what it means to


Celebrate Life

I mean really, how many times have we gone to

a celebration of life??

More then 6 in 4 years

and every time we are there to Celebrate Life


Could it be that I am supposed to CELEBRATE LIFE

We are so freaking busy everyday, most of the time

we don’t even have time to pay attention

our focus is so messed up

Going to Work, making money, paying bills, paying taxes, worrying, dreading, fearing,  cleaning, running errands, making meals, doing chores


and then … and only then

if there is time .. we will appreciate the people in our lives

we will enjoy each others company

we will spend quality time with each other

we will cherish the laughter, the fun, the love we get to share with each other

we will appreciate the faces that stand right in front of us

and in those moments we will say how much we love doing that

and even say how much we need to do it more often

but then as the next day comes we go back into our routine,

back to our rat race of a busy crazy lifestyle

because thats all we know

thats how we pass the time

until the next life altering experience sneaks up on us

to teach us the same lessons we need to learn

Well not this time … this time I GOT IT




Celebrate Life

and I am going to have the best time doing it 🙂

To my momma with love

I love the lessons you taught me,

the time I got to spend with you,

the special moments together,

the laughs and giggles

but most of all

the love … the passion … the will to live










Thank you for joining me on this journey <3

Much Love

Roben Green

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“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

“WHY” You Need A “WHY”

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog 🙂

We wanted to share with you something that

"WHY" You Need A "WHY"

Has taught us an incredible lesson in our lives and

Is crucial to making anything, and everything

You do in your life a success. Continue reading

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