Break on Through to the Other Side

Break on Through to the Other Side

In the last 4 years my life has been turned upside down

From losing my dad 4 years ago Feb. 20

Then saying goodbye to one of my best friends Donnelda 2 years ago Oct. 9

To losing my brother a year ago Oct. 24

I’ve been angry, sad, frustrated, lost, devastated, alone

And seeking inner healing of the most

Powerful kind … I needed help

my life is emtpy


I needed a miracle

I needed answers

How could this happen

Why is this happening to me and my family

Why them 🙁

WHY ME ???

There are so many bad people in the world

Why can’t they be taken

life is nothing

Why is it always the good guys that are taken so early

In all the ups and downs and heartbreak

I found myself opening up to the possibilities

Of life after death … what happens to us

Where do we go

Is there really a heaven and a hell

It was time … time to

Break on Through to the Other Side

I have always been spiritual and believed that we are all energy

So then,  my loved ones should all be

With me every minute of every day … right

Searching for mediums, reading up on the other side

Sucked me right in … This is what I am here for

I have always loved watching Long Island Medium and

My moms a medium and have been totally excited about the

Talent they have, the passion, the drive, the connection to

People who have left us way too early

And it got me to thinking


never walk alone

You see anyone can connect to past loved ones

Ya just have to be open to the possibilities

You have to calm the mind, quiet the chatter,

Raise your energy and BELIEVE

Believe that it is possible …

Ok I am ready 🙂

Now the big question is

How the heck do I learn this lol

How the heck do I Break on Through to the Other Side?

Im not sure if you believe that everything happens for a reason

And if you are meant to do something, then

There will be a sign … Well low and behold

The next morning as I’m having my coffee and

My cigarette and reading my emails

if you are


A special invite to all the specials and the courses that

Carmel Joy Baird has to offer


THIS WAS IT ( Thank you dad, corey, and naldy)

Its my time, time to Break on Through to the Other Side

I have never been so excited in my whole life

This is really happening … I’m doing this

There’s excitement

dear angels

There’s fear of the unknown

Am I actually going to be able to connect with my dad and my brother

What about my friend Donnelda , there are so many

Things I want to say, so many things I want to know

Are they ok … Are they in pain … What’s it like

Did you know that when someone passes,

They are right outside your aura

Just wanting to talk to you

Wanting to desperately show you that they are with you

Wanting to connect


Playing with the lights

Making noises

Leaving pennies or coins laying around

Anything and everything they can do to try to show you that they are there



Honestly you just have to call to them

Invite them in

You gotta Break on Through to the Other Side 

Its almost like when you go to town and you have a friend that lives there,

You probably won’t stop in to visit … BUT …

If they invite you, then there is a good chance you’ll stop in to say hi

It’s the exact same way when someone crosses over

They miss you just as much, if not more then you miss them

i cant live life

They are longing to talk to you, feel your touch, give you a hug

All you have to do is ask

Break on Through to the Other Side

Welcome them in and you’ll see what happens

They’ll show up in your dreams, or give you a sign

It will happen … they will be there

I have just started the course and I have already had dreams

And gotten messages to give to my family

Im a believer,



And I know you may think its just wishful thinking

That I miss my loved ones so much that I would believe anything

In hopes to help heal my broken heart,

And you may even think that  its all bullshit

And thats ok


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions

But this is something I am passionate about

This is something that I am pursuing

In hopes of being able to help hundreds

Of thousands of people out there who have lost someone they love

I am ready … I am really ready to

Break on Through to the Other Side

Thank you for joining me on this journey of the un known

always here

I am super excited to keep learning, enjoying new experiences,

And sharing everything with you!!

In Loving Memory

Always on my mind and Forever in My Heart

Reg Carlson, Corey Carlson, Donnelda Day

Much Love

Roben Green

Break on Through to the Other Side

cam and i 3








Break on through to the Other Side

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